Customize Your Own LED Light

Strip Lights

LED lights have many advantages over using either incandescent or fluorescent lighting. They require less power lowering electricity costs, last almost 25 times longer, provide brighter lighting, produce much less heat and are more reliable.
LEDingEDGE ® light fixtures are highly customizable, enabling you to design the perfect LED light fixtures for your application. Choose the length, width, voltage, brightness, color, lens, and type of end cap to meet your unique requirements. Thousands of different light fixture combinations are possible!

Get Lighting Perfect for Your Needs

Each of our LED lights is custom-made to your specifications. Whether commercial or residential, we have multiple lighting solutions for you.

Commercial Areas

From Walmart to Starbucks to Publix, our light fixtures are in professional stores across the United States, proudly illuminating our customer’s merchandise to its full potential. Our lights will enhance the look of many types of products, including cold, dry, or hot foods in a way that makes them look the most appealing to customers. All our light fixtures are UL Listed. The Orion Mini and Micro-Mini designs are NSF Approved and have been UL Ingress Protection tested and passed the IP68 standard; the Orion Mini is DLC Qualified.

With custom LED lights from LEDingEDGE Lighting, Inc., you can choose a light that will provide the exact type of lighting you want, in the exact space you want.

Residential Areas

Get the beautiful home illumination that you deserve. With our custom LED lights, you can personalize your kitchen, cabinets, and other areas of your home to create the exact ambiance you want. And if you need RV or marine vessel lights, we also have a variety of options to illuminate your home away from home just the way you want it. Meeting your unique requirements with the perfect LED light fixture is our business.

LEDingEDGE Lighting, Inc. Will Work With You

At LEDingEDGE Lighting, Inc., we are prepared to deliver quality lighting solutions alongside our superior customer service. We are proud to say that our products are custom made in Angola, Indiana and our headquarters is in Goodyear, Arizona. Our veteran-owned and operated business has been open since 2004, so we have the expertise and experience to deliver the best LED lights every time.

Get Your Custom LED Lights Today

Customizing an LED light has never been so easy. With our step-by-step online LED light customization tool, you can specify every part of your custom light from light intensity to the physical properties of your light. Choose the length, width, voltage, brightness, color, lens, and type of end cap. Thousands of combinations available!

Get started now building your customized light fixture by selecting your requirements below. Or call us at (623) 248-6232 for assistance and to answer any questions. We promise you will get a helpful person on the phone!

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Part no MIC-T-12V--C-30K