The Strip Light Advantage

The EZ-STRIP light series offers the high efficiency, low voltage lighting needed to create the perfect appearance for your commercial and home use needs.  These slick LED strips are available in 12”, 20”, 24”, 34”, 45” and 71” lengths that can be connected in multiple combinations using our unique snap-in barrel connectors. Unlike other bendable LED lights that are difficult to install, our EZ strips have a sturdy polycarbonate strip backing that enables secure installation.


The installation is easy with the included strong adhesive tape backing and although it’s not necessary for most applications, for those that desire extra secure installation, we also provide screw-in brackets.


Unlike much of our competition, this product is also proudly UL Listed!



Length Options: 

12", 20", 24", 34', 45" and 71" length options


Easy (EZ) Snap-In Barrel Connections:



Sturdy Strip Backing: 



Easy (EZ) Installation:



Extension Cords: 

6", 9", 12" and 24" length options



Rocker switch with 3" barrel connectors



6W, 12W, 24W and 48W Class 2 LED driver options



Screw in and very high bond adhesive tape brackets; available in packages of 2 or 20



Easy (EZ) Design Steps

EZ Step 1: Determine the combination of 12”, 20”, 23”, 34”, 45” and 71” EZ strips you need to light the area you desire. EZ Strip light series lengths can be connected with our 6”, 9", 12” and 24” extension cords, but cannot exceed a total of 48 watts. For assistance with this use the below "Purchasing Steps Worksheet" link.

EZ Step 2: Ensure your EZ Strip light(s) and required Class 2 LED Driver will have access to the needed 120V dual receptacle power outlet(s). Also ensure each EZ Strip light series does not exceed 48 watts for each external power outlet used. Repeat this process as necessary for each light series used.

EZ Step 3: Purchase the correct Class 2 EZ Strip power driver for each light series. Select the first Class 2 EZ-Strip driver that exceeds the total wattage needed for each light series. Also ensure that this light series also does not exceed 90% of the driver you selected.

EZ Step 4: Purchase the correct number of EZ Strip Extension Cords (if necessary).

EZ Step 5: Purchase one switch per external 120V power outlet used.

EZ Step 6: Each EZ Strip fixture already has peel-off adhesive tape that makes installation easy.  For those that want added mounting security each EZ strip comes with two brackets and screws. Additional brackets can also be purchased.